Whatever Wednesday: Dinner Edition 

 This past weekend I thought I would get ahead of myself and cook some extra chicken to have on hand for easy meals this week . 

Of course I only thought as far as making the chicken and not what meals I’d make with it . 

Standing in my kitchen this morning staring at diced chicken breast for a few minutes ( thankfully my only audience speaks babble mostly or has four legs ) resulted in a comforting , cheesy warm pasta bake .

Alter to suit the contents of your fridge . Diced ham and smoked Gouda would be an amazing variation . 

Definitely perfect for the cold days ahead or great as a make ahead dinner . 


Chicken Macaroni & Cheese 

1 cup shredded Gouda 

1 cup shredded Cheddar ( I used montarary Jack )

1/2 cup Italian breadcrumbs 

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 

1 1/2 – 2 cups of milk ( depends how thick or thin you like the sauce )

3-4 tbsp butter

3-4 tbsp flour 

1 tsp garlic , pinch of salt and pepper 

About 3 cups cooked macaroni ( I didn’t really measure the noodles ) 

2 large chicken breasts cooked , cooled and diced 

Melt butter in sauce pan . Stir in flour to form a roux . Allow to cook a minute or two . Stir in milk and add garlic /salt and pepper . When it has thickened and resembles a sauce ( be careful it doesn’t burn on the bottom) add 1/2 cup Gouda and remove from heat 

Combine sauce with noodles . Stir in chicken and remaining Gouda cheese 

In large but not too deep oven safe dish , spread noodle mixture . Flatten with spoon and sprinkle top with bread crumbs and parm . Finally top with other cup of cheese . 

Bake at 350 centre rack until cheese is melted and edges are browning. 

Tuesday Trio – 3 Easy Toddler Recipes

Popeye Muffins


Popeye muffins seem to be everywhere in the mama groups and kid recipe facebook pages. I’ve seen various variations of the recipes. Some resulting in a very bright green Hulk-ish muffin , while others use banana in an attempt to cover the “green” taste that can happen with lower sugar , lower fat muffins.

This is my take on the muffin . I didn’t use pureed spinach like many of the recipes call for as I didn’t want the green color.  I am ok with a little bit of sugar and good quality butter so I used them , but you could swap for honey , maple syrup or apple sauce.

I used most of what was left of a tub of fresh baby spinach because that was what i had on hand. I chopped finally and basically wilted in a pan.  I used a mini muffin pan and was really pleased with how they turned out.

They are full of spinach but you can’t taste it at all.  A nice alternative without  banana like a lot of the recipes have.


Veggie Cheese Bites

These look like ugly lumps of veggies shoved in a muffin and I guess they are but they are delicious ugly lumps !

I am sure you could make them prettier with finer dicing or more even chopping but I wasn’t too concerned. I use whatever veggies need using when it comes to these. In this case I had half a bag of California mix : Cauliflower/broccoli/carrots so I used those.

I’ve also made these on the stove top and on a cookie sheet.  Always yummy !

veggie cheese bites.JPG

Broccoli Bites

These are pretty close to the ones above , but don’t have flour and are more  of a veggie patty than muffin texture.

Again, use what you have with these . For more moist veggies, use more breadcrumbs.

Even adults  love these little guys !


Whats your favorite recipe to make for your toddler? Any Fails ?


Marvelous In Your Monday : Food Porn Edition

Not sure what to call this one.

I thought about “Meaty Monday” due to the graphic photos of meat , but I’m not sure that really draws in the readers. Carnivores don’t wear their badge proudly nowadays. Well, the bacon lovers do , but that’s about it.

I figure it’s still a pretty Marvelous In My Monday. It’s always pretty marvelous when your entire blog post consists of nothing but graphic food porn , right ?\

And on that note, here is a collection of pictures of things I’ve cooked and eaten since I last posted.

Chicken Parm and Garlic noodles

Chicken Parmesan and cappellini with garlic butter.

Deliciously fattening.

eggs and kale

The usual .

I eat this or some variation of this every day . 2 large organic brown eggs, scrambled with baby  kale .

eggs and orange

I ran out of kale on this day so I piled on the Parmesan and apparently stole part of my son’s orange.

eggs, kale , sweet potato

On this day , I had made Mr D sweet potatoes and kale so just added a bit to my eggs.

Ribs and fries

The time i ate smoked ribs and crinkly fries with ketchup and called it dinner.

Sauteed Veg


All of them.

Smoked chicken and ribsAnd that glorious day that DH smoked ribs and chicken and LOTS Of it .

So yummy.

Whats marvelous in your monday? Nothing ? Well just look at my food porn and get your marvelous on !