What I’m Loving : Wednesday Edition

 Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday. Here’s a few things that are making me smile lately


Red Cups !!

I’m sure I don’t need to mention that I’m a total Starbucks nut , but the sight of the red cups always makes my day.  Curious about the new chestnut flavour? Anyone had it?

redcupsAleva Naturals : Bamboo Baby Face and Hand Wipes

Before baby if you would have told me that I would be purchasing a variety of wipes for different body parts and items , I would have thought you were nuts .

I found these wipes when I was in search of something gentler than even the fragrance free sensitive skin diaper wipes . I wanted something I could wipe Mr D’s face with on the go . They also make ones for stuffy noses that I d love to try on him.


Masterchef Junior

I am not crazy about most reality shows. I can’t stand Dancing with the Stars or America’s Got Talent but I love cooking shows. Masterchef Junior is so cute and its amazing how these kids even know what some of these dishes are at such a young age let alone know how to cook them.  It’s fun to watch them progress during the season too.

I just love the youngest contestant named Abby. So hilarious and cute to watch.


Christmas Decor 

I have obsessively been looking at “mantle decor” and “tablescapes” on Pinterest.

I love these ideas. Simple and rustic.

I also really love the trend of gold cutlery for the holidays. Such a great way to bling up your table.






Oikos- Canada

I happened to be up at the crack of dawn the other day with Mr D and saw the free coupon contest seconds after it went up . awesome ! won free coupon!
Mr D eats alot of full fat yogurt so hopefully Oikos will have something for him.

Awesome Deals on Black Friday 

Gap and Gap Baby always email me the greatest sales. When I go to the mall , I always go and look at Gap and Gap Baby but I never buy anything because I find the prices a bit much for baby clothes. Even if they are awesome quality.

I signed up for the newsletter and I get the best deals online. Seriously. They don’t even know about me so I am not paid to say this !

This winter I got Mr D a blue camo parka , a blue camo cotton knot hat ,2 piece halloween camo pjs ALL for less than the cost of the parka had I bought it in store.

On black friday I got a sherpa mens hoodie , a gap baby jean jacket, a gap baby cotton knot hat ( grey striped!!) and 2 piece dirt bike pjs, I Do My Own Stunts !. all for under 80 dollars with shipping and tax . The retail price of the sherpa mens hoodie before tax regular price is 72.00 CDN !