Thursday Things: Version Soup and Dogs


Wednesday , it was cold and windy out all day . The dogs, Mr D and I spent the day by the fire reading books and watching trashy tv . It just felt like a soup day .

I never follow recipes for soups. Just put in what you like .

My theory is the longer it is able to simmer low and slowly , the better the flavors.


I started with some butter , diced sweet onion and celery. After that cooked for a bit , I added some chopped smoked applewood bacon that DH had gotten from our butcher.  It smells amazing.

Once the bacon was somewhat brown , I added 2 cartons of broth . This time I used chicken because that’s what I had but I’ve also used vegetable broth. I probably wouldn’t use beef for this recipe.

Next I threw in some split yellow peas that I had drained and rinsed , and a couple sprigs of rosemary that is still hanging out in the garden .  The usual salt and pepper, bit of herbs de provence, savoury spice and a bit of thyme .  Then I let it simmer for a few hours on low . Stirring every once in awhile.


Definitely not the prettiest of soups but it was sooo good.

DH had at least 3 bowls !10524632_10153129498928888_1880151893589277256_n 


Photos from the Iphone

A picture I found on my phone this morning ; Random nutcracker with the endless cup of coffee. Some days I feel Like I am always reheating it or filling it up .

Justice The Bulldog

Our poor bulldog Justice is having major issues with his allergies and is going for yet another trip to the vet tonight. I just hope something gives him relief.

Here he is smiling away in his cone . Such a character.
10425124_10153127530308888_6347735308075769370_nHere’s hoping his visit to the vet tonight will bring him some relief from his horrible allergies .  Love him .

What’s making your Thursday ?