Marvelous In Your Monday : Food Porn Edition

Not sure what to call this one.

I thought about “Meaty Monday” due to the graphic photos of meat , but I’m not sure that really draws in the readers. Carnivores don’t wear their badge proudly nowadays. Well, the bacon lovers do , but that’s about it.

I figure it’s still a pretty Marvelous In My Monday. It’s always pretty marvelous when your entire blog post consists of nothing but graphic food porn , right ?\

And on that note, here is a collection of pictures of things I’ve cooked and eaten since I last posted.

Chicken Parm and Garlic noodles

Chicken Parmesan and cappellini with garlic butter.

Deliciously fattening.

eggs and kale

The usual .

I eat this or some variation of this every day . 2 large organic brown eggs, scrambled with baby  kale .

eggs and orange

I ran out of kale on this day so I piled on the Parmesan and apparently stole part of my son’s orange.

eggs, kale , sweet potato

On this day , I had made Mr D sweet potatoes and kale so just added a bit to my eggs.

Ribs and fries

The time i ate smoked ribs and crinkly fries with ketchup and called it dinner.

Sauteed Veg


All of them.

Smoked chicken and ribsAnd that glorious day that DH smoked ribs and chicken and LOTS Of it .

So yummy.

Whats marvelous in your monday? Nothing ? Well just look at my food porn and get your marvelous on !