Friday : A Day In The Life

4:30 AM – DH ‘s alarm goes off  and Mr D stirs as per usual. I give him his sucky and go downstairs to the kitchen.  I throw his lunch in his lunchbox and fill his coffee thermos while Justice, my male bulldog goes outside .

4;45 AM – Say goodbye to DH for the day as he leaves in the dark to commute downtown. Get back in bed and snuggle between the bulldogs.

8:00 AM – Mr D is jibber jabbering on the monitor and I can see he is rolling around on his belly in his crib.  I go get him and change his bum, locate his suckys that he has thrown from his crib in the night and together we go downstairs.

8:15AM – Get Mr D a bottle and warm up a cup of coffee in the microwave. Let the dogs out .

8:25AM – Feed Mr D the bottle . Let the dogs back in. Feed the dogs.

8;35AM – Mr D rolls around the floor and plays with his toys. I finish my coffee while he plays


8;55AM Put a load of laundry in . Warm up some breakfast for Mr D who devours a pancake while bouncing in his piano

9:00 AM Put Kelly and Michael on while I look at emails and start a blog post. It takes me almost all day to write one in stops and spurts.* note its 7;00 pm when i finished this and i started this , this morning *  Thank god I am not writing a masterpiece and this is just a hobby for a mom on Maternity Leave.

9;30 AM bum change for Mr D. Wipe his face.

10;00AM start a load of dishes in dishwasher . Tidy up the counters from whatever I didn’t clean at dinner. Get Mr D another bottle.

10;30AM Mr D has  a nap and I get another cup of coffee and prep his lunch if I have time.


11;00 AM Mr D is up . We read books

11:30 AM Mr D eats lunch that I have hopefully prepped while he napped.

12:00PM talk to DH On his lunch break

12;30Pm Mr D Takes another nap

12;45PM I browse Amazon in a weak attempt to finish up his Christmas shopping. While reading a blog and having an episode of Roseanne on in the background. I think about what to do next  and decide that I should probably get something to eat while Mr D is asleep and I have more than two minutes to do so.

1;00PM Wash Mr D’s Bottles  while a cheddar and herb bagel from Loblaws Superstore’s bakery toasts in the toaster oven. Lysol the counter tops.


1;10Pm Use some of the organic unsalted butter I got for Mr D on my bagel. Reorganize the dishwasher while my coffee reheats.  Eat the damn bagel.

1;30 PM Deal with the washer and dryer.

145PM Have a shower.

2;15pm Fold laundry.

2;45PM Online nonsense.

3;15 PM Mr D wakes from his monster sized nap. 3 hours !!!

He has been sleeping a lot and longer the past few days. I attribute it to growth spurt or teething . But who knows really. He still eats a tonne so I’m not too concerned by it.

3;30PM After Mr D is changed and had a bottle. Usually has some cheerios and plays in his piano or on his mat with his cars or books. We practice sitting by ourselves. he falls . a lot.

4;30PM Bring Mr D to the kitchen and put him in his bouncer . He usually eats some sort of fruit in his fresh food feeder while I  prep dinner.

5;00PM  Dinner for Mr D . DH usually comes home while Mr D is eating as well.

5;30PM Clean up Mr D . Give him bath . Pjs.


6;15 Pm Bottle for Mr D

7:00 Pm MR D is almost always asleep before 7:00 pm

7;15Pm Finish up whatever is left to prepare for dinner. Clean Mr D’s high chair and trays.

7;45PM Prep Coffee and lunch stuff for DH For next day

8;00 PM sit down and watch a show with DH while eating dinner

9;00 PM still glued to couch. Usually partake in some chocolate.

10;00PM BED!

1;00 AM Mr D wakes. Give him sucky. Go back to sleep.

4;30 AM here we go again ..