Things I said to my 2 1/2 yr old today

1/ don’t lick me please 

2/ stop kicking 

3/ put your head down 

4/ no we can’t have candy at 8:00 am 

5 / don’t chase the dog

6/ leave the curtains alone

7/ brush your teeth not the sink 

8/no every stuffed animal you own does not need their own chair at dinner 

9/ eat please

10/ eat please 

11/eat please 

12/ don’t knock your sister over 

13 / don’t shove the crackers in your toy dump truck

14/ no we can’t go to the zoo today ( it’s the middle of a really cold snap Canadian winter . Snowed all morning . Please sign me up for the zoo . No not the one I’m running )

15/ that’s some awesome dancing 

16/ sure , I will watch you ” shake shake shake it ” 

17/ love it when you read me a story . I didn’t realize Elmo was so troublesome ! ( he read me the Elmo potty book and told me Elmo goes in his pants because he’s sasssy ) 

18/ that is an awesome play dough version of chase ! ( paw patrol ) 

19/ robot pajamas it is !

20/ I love you soo much ! ( mama I love youuuu!)

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