Blog Resurrection : New Years edition 2016

Like many others this January , I ve chosen to attempt to blog again 

Mostly for chronological purposes but also for a hobby for myself . This stay at home mama desperately needs one. ( for the record , I’m not even kinda crafty , crochet & knitting is out . Does shopping count ? I use to read books ) .

Since this blog at this point is mainly for phot dumps , recipe recaps and personal photos , ill spare any lengthy catch ups and jump right in . Again 


This was a quick , I forgot to take out anything from the freezer dinner . 

I used leftover crock pot chicken ( literally put chicken in crock pot nothing else ) , rose sauce , parm and mozz . Oh and ginormous penne noodles.

For New Year’s Eve , we had a couple over and I made various appetizers in place of dinner 

This roasted garlic dip is amazing ! 

If you are not a serious garlic lover I would refrain from eating this recipe , but if you are like me and can’t get enough garlic , make it and double the recipe 

1 whole clove of roasted garlic 

1 package of cream cheese ( the rectangles ) softened 

1 cup sour cream 

Salt and pepper , parsley 

Mash the garlic . Combine with the other ingredients . Let sit in the fridge until you can’t stand it anymore 

Devour . 

Notice lack of vampires

The next couple of photos are just meals I cooked over the holidays . We ended up hosting a few times as it was just easier with the kids 

The above is a steak , garlic and parm rice and sautéed brussel sprouts i made for the husband 

The above was my plate of the meal I hosted for my brother and his kids . It was a full house but a lot of fun . My only complaint was my stuffing didn’t turn out . Again . 

I have figured out the stuffing issue though . It was more of a “bird” issue than a stuffing issue really .

Carrots . Mashed potatoes and gravy . Peas . Turkey and brussel sprouts . Unpictured ridiculously soft dinner roll with butter . 

And wine

Lots of wine 

And the perfect ending to this entry . Our family holiday photo this year . 
Happy new year ! 

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