I just adore these simple baked treats. They are such an easy great way to use up fruit and vegetables and of course are always a yummy breakfast.

Strawberry muffins instead of blueberry was a nice delicious change. The muffin base is filling but not too heavy that you wouldn’t want it for a snack.

Use whatever fruit or vegetable you have on hand.  DH bought about ten pounds of carrots around Thanksgiving so I made a carrot muffin . These were yummy and so moist !

Basic Muffin Recipe

1 to 1 1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup butter or butter replacement

1 cup applesauce

1 egg

1 1/2 cup shredded carrot ( or banana, strawberry etc)

2 cups flour

1 cup plain yogurt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

tsp of cinnamon .

Combine wet ingredients. Combine dry separately. Mix together. Bake in greased or lined muffin tray at 350 for 20-25 minutes.


Tuesday Things : Volume 1

Hanging Out With Mr D

Yesterday Mr D and I went to the local shopping centre to see Santa and get some shopping done.

As predicted , Mr D was a social butterfly. Smiling and flirting with everyone. He even tried to pull Santa’s beard off . One of the elves had to fix Santa. I guess Mr D was checking to see if it was a real beard like his Daddy’s.


Holiday Shopping & Sales

Old Navy is still having a lot of sales going on . 30 -50 %  off EVERYTHING !

I snagged some jeans for DH . Can’t go wrong when they are a good price and something you would buy regardless.

Starbucks also has a bit of a sale going on . They are doing a “Christmas Passport” where you get a free Christmas drink when you buy 5 Christmas drinks.  DH was kind enough to bring us home a couple drinks. LOVE my skinny caramel lattes  and he has been enjoying the Caramel Brulee Latte . We need all the help from caffeine we can get lately. Mr D has been making a solid night’s sleep impossible. I guess it comes with the territory for  7 month old but he’s spoiled us thus far and slept 12 hour stretches .

Also noticed that Starbucks has some adorable travel mugs this year. Some are blingy and some are just downright pretty. Definitely a good gift for someone on your list.

Baby Boy Fashion

Joe Fresh has the cutest clothes for the holidays for the little guys on your list. Mr D wore their red plaid button up shirt to meet Mr Claus yesterday and they have some cute stuff for the girls too.

plaidshirt shawl collar sweatshirt

I think this shawl neck sweatshirt would be really cute with some baby jeans. I have been pleasantly surprised with how much fun it is to dress a little boy.

I am totally one of those people that uses the holidays as an excuse to shop even more. The crowds don’t really bother me but I have to admit I have been loving online shopping a lot lately. There are just so many more deals it seems online .

Have you found any good deals online or otherwise lately ? Whats your favorite thing this Tuesday ?

What I’m Loving Lately – Thursday Edition

Note : I am ( as always) making an attempt to not be one of those bloggers that consistently posts than disappaears  and reappears. Its a process that 6 month old Mr D is not aiding in . But I digress.


What I’m Loving Lately – Thursday Edition



Love Child Organics- Pat A Cakes in Apple Raspberry 

Okay, so it’s not me personally that loves these but I do love that Mr D loves them !

I am also a big fan of their ingredient list. They are also organic , gluten free and have very little sugar.  I think the sugar is the biggest issue I have had when looking for snacks for Mr. D . Many brands will appear healthy but when you read the nutritional information break down , they end up being high in sugar. Definitely something to look for when buying food for little guys .


President’s Choice Mini Sweet Potatoes 

I noticed these at the Real Canadian Superstore last weekend and had to snag a bag. So cute !

They’re awesome for side dishes or for when I want to make Mr D baby food and don’t need a massive sweet potato. Trust me 1 regular sized sweet potato makes A LOT of baby food.

These are perfect and delicious.


Scrambled Eggs 

Yup . You read right . Scrambled eggs.

I don’t know what it is about them but I’ve been hooked . It started out because I was sick of eating oatmeal for breakfast but wanted something less carb-y so bagels, toast etc were out. I ended up having 2 scrambled eggs with a bit of fruit and have had it about twenty times since.  I don’t do anything fancy to prepare the eggs. Just heat a nonstick pan , scramble two large eggs in a dish , pour in pan when pan is heated. Push around with spatula until cooked but not wet. I hate wet scrambled eggs so very much .

Hoping I don’t get sick of it soon as I have no idea what’s up next.


Live Clean Baby 

Again , this is a Mr D product but their line is A-MAZING !

Our personal favs are the Mommy and Baby After Bath Oil, Diaper Cream and the Foaming All In One Soap.


Boon products

I can’t pick a favorite product because I keep discovering and purchasing more things that they make.

So far we have the ” Grass” bottle drying rack with a “stem” and a couple of the fresh food feeders. I ordered Mr D one of their “Fluid” sippy cups and a Snack Ball for his stocking off of the other day and I cannot be held responsible if their ” Lawn ” ( a bigger version of “grass”) ends up in my cart.

SOMA Voluminize Thermal Spray

My new hair salon uses these products. They smell amazing and are 100% vegan AND they actually work.


Pinterest Crafts 

Okay , so I just did the one . But it was super cute and I think I’ll do a mistle toe one with green tempera paint and white canvas for Christmas for Grandparents.

I’m definitely not crafty enough for the melting of crayon style art but footprints I can do .


What are you loving lately?