Friday 5 : what i’m watching edition 

Law and order special victims unit 

I confess , I am a total junkie . I love court / legal shows in general but this one is my fav . I can get sucked in for hours. As I type this I eagerly await tonight’s new episode 

Mad men 

I know I know , the shows been over for awhile but I was late on this one and I still am mourning the loss and wishing I didn’t plough through all the seasons on Netflix so quickly . Don draper just does it for me. I also really liked Peggy’s character 

Dr Phil 

You can make a pancake flat as you want , it still has two sides ! 

Haha. As cheesy as his sayings are , I still find myself watching his show while I cook dinner or clean . 

The real housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta 

Like a train wreck I can’t stop watching this . If I had to choose Beverly Hills is probably my fav of the housewives franchise but who am I kidding I will watch them all ( not Melbourne it’s just odd ). 

This season Lisa Rinna is already stirring stuff up and Kim Richards doesn’t look to be doing as well as she says she is . 

Atlanta is one I never watched til recently . Nene annoyed me and turned me off from watching and while I do wish Kim zolciak was still on , Phaedra cracks me up . I find kandi s hairstyles this season really unflattering for her and I think Cynthia is timelessly beautiful ! I can’t believe she is really as old as she says . 

Ladies of London

This is another addiction . Basically housewives of London but god do some of these women think they are the bloody queen of England . This season is a hard watch because the women all seem to be going through some really hard changes ( sick children , moving to diff country etc ) but the drama is still there . The music kills me tho . British popular music is a lot peppier to me.  Caroline’s short to long bob is everything ! If I wasn’t so lazy and had a daily hairdresser I’d make the chop for sure !
Do you have any favourite shows ? Are you a reality show junkie like me ? 

Things I said to my 2 1/2 yr old today

1/ don’t lick me please 

2/ stop kicking 

3/ put your head down 

4/ no we can’t have candy at 8:00 am 

5 / don’t chase the dog

6/ leave the curtains alone

7/ brush your teeth not the sink 

8/no every stuffed animal you own does not need their own chair at dinner 

9/ eat please

10/ eat please 

11/eat please 

12/ don’t knock your sister over 

13 / don’t shove the crackers in your toy dump truck

14/ no we can’t go to the zoo today ( it’s the middle of a really cold snap Canadian winter . Snowed all morning . Please sign me up for the zoo . No not the one I’m running )

15/ that’s some awesome dancing 

16/ sure , I will watch you ” shake shake shake it ” 

17/ love it when you read me a story . I didn’t realize Elmo was so troublesome ! ( he read me the Elmo potty book and told me Elmo goes in his pants because he’s sasssy ) 

18/ that is an awesome play dough version of chase ! ( paw patrol ) 

19/ robot pajamas it is !

20/ I love you soo much ! ( mama I love youuuu!)

Blog Resurrection : New Years edition 2016

Like many others this January , I ve chosen to attempt to blog again 

Mostly for chronological purposes but also for a hobby for myself . This stay at home mama desperately needs one. ( for the record , I’m not even kinda crafty , crochet & knitting is out . Does shopping count ? I use to read books ) .

Since this blog at this point is mainly for phot dumps , recipe recaps and personal photos , ill spare any lengthy catch ups and jump right in . Again 


This was a quick , I forgot to take out anything from the freezer dinner . 

I used leftover crock pot chicken ( literally put chicken in crock pot nothing else ) , rose sauce , parm and mozz . Oh and ginormous penne noodles.

For New Year’s Eve , we had a couple over and I made various appetizers in place of dinner 

This roasted garlic dip is amazing ! 

If you are not a serious garlic lover I would refrain from eating this recipe , but if you are like me and can’t get enough garlic , make it and double the recipe 

1 whole clove of roasted garlic 

1 package of cream cheese ( the rectangles ) softened 

1 cup sour cream 

Salt and pepper , parsley 

Mash the garlic . Combine with the other ingredients . Let sit in the fridge until you can’t stand it anymore 

Devour . 

Notice lack of vampires

The next couple of photos are just meals I cooked over the holidays . We ended up hosting a few times as it was just easier with the kids 

The above is a steak , garlic and parm rice and sautéed brussel sprouts i made for the husband 

The above was my plate of the meal I hosted for my brother and his kids . It was a full house but a lot of fun . My only complaint was my stuffing didn’t turn out . Again . 

I have figured out the stuffing issue though . It was more of a “bird” issue than a stuffing issue really .

Carrots . Mashed potatoes and gravy . Peas . Turkey and brussel sprouts . Unpictured ridiculously soft dinner roll with butter . 

And wine

Lots of wine 

And the perfect ending to this entry . Our family holiday photo this year . 
Happy new year !